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Leading the way in pharmacy innovations that put patients first

Wellness Pharmacy prides itself on being a forerunner in bringing technological pharmacy innovations to our industry. We firmly believe that the right technology solutions are key to improving the health and safety of our patients through reduced errors, better compliance, and products that provide peace-of-mind to you and your loved ones.


SynMed is an automated system for preparing and dispensing oral medications in blister packs. Medications are automatically selected, counted, and placed into each slot of a blister pack. It can produce labels that contain the patient’s photo, the tablet’s photo, a description of each medication, and a pictogram indicating when each medication is to be taken. Blister packs that are produced by SynMed are more accurate than manual preparation, thus allowing the pharmacist more time to focus on patient care activities.

These superior blister packs are used in our Home Monitoring Program and Smart Blister Packs.



PACMED is an automated system for preparing and packaging oral medications in strip packaging. This machine automatically packages medications into plastic strip packages that are organized by date and time. Each package can be labeled with the photo of the patient, the photo of the drugs, and time of administration, in addition to the usual information.

These simple and convenient packages are used in our Smart Dispenser.


ScriptPro is a robot for dispensing oral medications into prescription vials. It replaces manual dispensing tasks that are prone to human error, and does so with greater speed and accuracy. In addition, it fills vials with drugs directly from the machine so there is no drug cross-contamination, which eliminates the concern with drug allergies or cytotoxic medications.