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Pharmacy Compounding

Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications

Every patient is different. And not all prescription drugs are the perfect fit.

Because patients come in all shapes and sizes, medication should not be considered a “one-size-fix-all” solution. That’s why there is compounded medication.

What is compounding?

Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing personalized medications – from scratch – to meet a patient’s specific needs. A compounding pharmacist mixes individual ingredients together in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient.

The pharmacist works with the patient and the patient’s physician to customize a compounded medication that makes taking it a more positive experience and enables the patient to obtain the most benefit from it.

Pharmacy compounding allows for customized prescription medications to be created for the specific needs of each patient. There are a wide range of scenarios where patients might require a compounded medication:

  • Two or more medications that need to be applied as a cream or ointment to the same area
  • Oral medication that causes an upset stomach
  • Refusal or reluctance to take medication due to its taste
  • Physical issues with taking medication, such as gagging when swallowing pills
  • Allergies, sensitivities or another aversion to medication ingredients such as flavours or dyes, lactose, sugar, alcohol, gluten, or casein
  • Requiring a different dosage not available from a manufacturer
  • Medication that has been discontinued by the manufacturer
  • Patients who won’t take medication at all, especially children or pets

Speak with a knowledgeable compounding pharmacist to find out how pharmacy compounding can benefit you.