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SMART Blister Pack

Prepackaged pill blister packs help to ensure no more missed medications!

Are you concerned that your loved one is not taking medications properly?

Statistics show that half of Canadians do not take their prescription medications as prescribed. Poor medication adherence can lead to more serious events that require aggressive and costly treatments or even hospitalization of the patient.

Medication compliance is vastly improved when the patient is monitored by a healthcare professional or a family member, but constant medication management and supervision isn’t always easy or available.

Be sure with SMART Blister Pack

The SMART Blister Pack is a prepackaged pill blister pack that provides an extra layer of security and peace-of-mind for patients, their healthcare teams and family members.

SMART Blister Pack tracks a patient’s medication intake to improve medication compliance, provide important data on a patient’s activity, and prevent adverse medical events as a result of non-compliance.

customized care service

Peace-of-mind medication monitoring

A remote adherence monitoring team can be alerted when doses are missed and can call the patient to provide adherence support and ensure everything is ok. The number of missed doses can be customized before a call is triggered (eg. call whenever there is a missed dose or only call when several doses have been missed) or this service can be opted out completely.

Smart Blister Pack is available to patients of a Wellness Pharmacy

Fees will apply. Please contact us for further details.

To learn more about SMART Blister Pack or to register for the service, please call 604-327-0568 or email [email protected].