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Diabetes Education and Management

Helping patients manage their diabetes so they can lead healthier lives

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolic medical condition that causes high blood sugar. Symptoms may include increased hunger, increased thirst, unintentional weight loss, frequent urination, blurry vision, and tiredness.

The symptoms of diabetes can be so mild that they are difficult to spot at first. Untreated high blood sugar from diabetes can damage nerves, eyes, kidneys, feet, and other organs. It can cause long-term complications such as heart disease, heart attack, stroke, vision loss, hearing loss, and foot damage.

Diabetes education

At Wellness Pharmacy, our pharmacists work closely with patients who have diabetes to help them manage their condition and to prevent or reduce hospitalizations related to high or low blood sugars. By providing ongoing education, the patient gains a firm understanding of their condition, which helps to motivate them to take charge in improving their own health. We also have pharmacists who are Certified Diabetic Educators and are specifically trained as diabetes experts.

Patients with diabetes are provided with blood sugar testing equipment and a free blood glucose meter. The pharmacist provides complete instructions on how to use it as well as details of how and when patients should be checking their glucose levels. If the patient is prescribed insulin, we provide detailed counselling on insulin, injection techniques, and dosing schedule.

In-home monitoring

If the patient is having difficulty managing their diabetes medications, testing their blood sugar, or doing their own insulin injections, they can be referred to our Home Monitoring Program. Our Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) can administer medications, test blood sugar, and administer insulin injections at home on a daily basis. Our LPNs can also monitor blood pressure, body weight, and other health parameters related to diabetes or other conditions the patient may have.

Our pharmacists and LPNs use advanced data management software that can transfer blood glucose readings directly from the meter to a computer. The software allows us to quickly spot trends, evaluate each patient’s progress, and make treatment recommendations to physicians. Results are shared with the patient’s physician, which allows them to see a patient’s blood glucose profile at a glance and assess their condition.

Diabetes education and screening clinics

Because diabetes symptoms can be difficult to spot, we offer diabetes health clinics where we test blood sugars to screen for possible diabetes in patients who may not be aware of their possible health condition. If indicated, we inform their physician and refer the patient to follow up with their physician for further assessment. Our diabetes health and screening clinics also offer nutrition advice and foot testing for patients with existing diabetes who are looking for greater understanding of their health.