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Smart Dispenser

Our pre-packed pill dispenser is the smart, easy way to ensure medication compliance

Be confident that loved ones are taking their medications with the smart pill dispenser

It can be overwhelming for patients and caregivers to manage multiple daily medications. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

The SMART Dispenser is an automatic medication dispenser that organizes, schedules and delivers patient medication with the touch of a button.

The SMART dispenser is available at no additional charge to patients of a Wellness Pharmacy. If patients don’t have a nearby relative or a caregiver to monitor their use of the SMART pill dispenser, we can provide temporary or ongoing support.

Smart Dispenser

How the SMART Dispenser works

Patient medications are pre-packaged in easy-to-open pouches by our pharmacists and loaded into the SMART Dispenser cartridge, which is easily attached to the back of the dispenser.

  • When it’s time to take the medication, the SMART Dispenser lights up and makes a calming chime to alert the patient.
  • Just press the dispense button to retrieve a pouch with the precise dose, pre-opened for added convenience.
  • For non-oral medication, such as inhalers, eyedrops and creams, patients will receive medication reminders.
  • For added security, face recognition or PIN options can be activated.
  • If a dose is missed, family members or caregivers receive a medication alert via text message (SMS).
  • The SMART Dispenser can be connected through a cellular network or WiFi.

To learn more about the SMART Dispenser or to register for the service, please call 604-880-2340 or email [email protected].