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Medication Management

Consultations and personal training on medication and medical devices for better patient care overall

Studies have shown that medication errors often occur during a patient’s transition of care – from hospital to physician, to pharmacist, to caregivers – particularly with patients who have complex medication regimens or require frequent hospitalizations.

To provide the best patient care, it is essential that all health professionals involved collaborate and focus their individual strengths on that patient’s health and well-being.

At Wellness Pharmacy, our strength lies in medication and the management of medication for our patients. Our pharmacists are an excellent resource for information on medications, proper doses, disease management, signs and symptoms, adverse reactions, and medication contraindications.

Medication management consultations help to ensure quality doctor visits

We offer one-on-one medication management consultations during which the pharmacist assesses a patient’s prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal medications and provides recommendations in a personalized care plan. The care plan and recommendations can be provided to the patient’s doctor for review. This frees up the doctor to focus more time on the patient’s concerns, rather than on the patient’s medications.

Individual training on medication management and medical devices

Our pharmacists are able to provide training for patients on the appropriate use of their medications and medical devices, such as:

  • Glucose meters for patients with diabetes
  • Inhalers for patients with breathing difficulties
  • Compliance or blister packaging for appropriate patients
  • Complicated or confusing regimens such as prednisone tapers
  • Injection technique for patients receiving injectable medications like insulin

If required, our pharmacists will provide extensive counselling in the patient’s own home, where they are more receptive to learning.

Pharmacists provide training