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Genetic Testing

Pharmacogenomic testing can decode the information in your genes to help you live better

Wellness Pharmacy is proud partner of myDNA, a genetic testing and interpretation company that decodes the information in your genes to help you live better. The tests can reveal how your body will uniquely respond to certain medications, what you eat and drink, and how you exercise. Your DNA can reveal what will work specifically for you. Less “one-size-fits-all” advice, and more of what’s tailored to fit your body.

How genetic testing works

  1. Contact us to find a pharmacy location closest to you that offers genetic testing.
  2. Drop by our pharmacy and discuss with our knowledgeable pharmacists how pharmacogenomic testing can specifically benefit you based on your medical conditions, medications, and diet and exercise goals.
  3. The pharmacist will provide you with a cheek swab test and instructions on how to obtain DNA sample. You can take a cheek swab in our pharmacy or you can take the test home and return it to our pharmacy.
  4. The pharmacist will send your DNA sample for testing.
  5. You will be contacted when your genetic testing results are available for the pharmacist to discuss in detail with you.
  6. Together with your pharmacist and your physician, and based on your genetic test results, an action plan is tailor-made for you to ensure you receive the most appropriate medications, meal plans, and fitness plans based on your genes.
  7. Your genes remain the same throughout your entire life, and your results can be used to optimize both current and future medication considerations and lifestyle goals.

Is genetic testing private?

Your genetic data and genetic reports are your property. Any results generated remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without your consent. Privacy and data security protocols are fundamental to Wellness Pharmacy and the myDNA technology platform.

Bill S-201, known as the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, expressly prohibits individuals from being forced to disclose the results of any genetic test they have taken or may take in the future. Insurers and employers cannot ask for the results of any genetic tests. You also do not have to disclose any information that you found out as a result of genetic testing to any current or potential employer or insurer. The Canadian Human Rights Code expressly prohibits any form of discrimination based on genetic characteristics.